No Whites for Weddings Anymore!

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 July 2022
No Whites for Weddings Anymore!

White has been associated with weddings for decades, but that's about to change forever! A recent survey was conducted in New York of 2,000 people who recently planned or attended a wedding to find out how much they adhere to the common customs and traditions.

Do You Wear White on Your Wedding Day?

One in five, or 19%, believe that the bride's wearing the white dress is an outdated tradition, while 25% believe that the bride's outfit that was not seen before the ceremony is now outdated.

21% of them voted that their wedding would be more traditional, while 21% wanted a modern feel, and 43% were likely to mix the two.

In general, modern couples are still looking for traditional customs; 23% think a flower bouquet will never get old, while 21% think a slow dance to the first song is a beautiful thing and they will do!

As for the family members’ satisfaction with the wedding plans, the survey showed that 28% of them feel that satisfying all family members is another dilemma when planning a wedding, as 43% fear that some members of their family will be upset if they do not have a traditional celebration.

Whether you wear white or blue, celebrate traditional or modern, make this day extra special!

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