McDonald's Launches a Wedding Catering Package for $235!

  • Publish date: Thursday، 06 July 2023
McDonald's Launches a Wedding Catering Package for $235!

Fast-food-loving couples do not have to give up on their favorite food on their wedding days because McDonald's has launched a wedding catering package for just $235!

The package includes platters of 100 burgers and 100 boxes of McNuggets.

The menu has been first launched in Jakarta, Indonesia but will definitely be available in McDonald's branches all around the world. 

The offer for the package is only available if the customers make a minimum order of 200 pieces. 

The package also includes other service options, which also involve providing food stalls at wedding events. 

The package does not include an offer to host a wedding at a McDonald's branch, but it does include providing catering services to wedding events, so all those to-be-married couples can enjoy fast food at their weddings to their hearts' content!

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