Our Favourite Japanese Baked Desserts from Yamanote

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 17 November 2021 Last update: Thursday، 18 November 2021
Our Favourite Japanese Baked Desserts from Yamanote
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The home-grown Japanese atelier, launched back in 2013 is celebrated for its adorable baked desserts that aren’t just limited to traditional kind. Now, well-known for not just their notorious Nutella-filled cats and chocolate cream-crammed minions, but also their recently introduced hand-made Baumkuchen cake- Ya Baum.

Baked exclusively with Japanese flours that are imported directly from a local Japanese partner, Yamanote is completely dedicated to Japanese authenticity.

Our Favourite Japanese Baked Desserts from Yamanote

Yamanote known as the beloved homegrown Japanese bakery; also has extensive catering options from kiosk, to instagrammable and fun Yamanote Tuk Tuk; Yamanote can cater small office meetings, birthdays to large weddings and more. Constantly staying ahead of trends, Yamanote has also launched 800-Yamanote a streamlined delivery customer care number that will provide one point of contact and a premium as well as seamless service to Yamanote customers to meet their high delivery volume of orders.

With the festive season round the corner and the eminent culinary essence of the connection between Japan and France, we can expect much to come in the form of sweet, small and delish! 

Trickling down from the late 60’s, Japanese chefs have been dabbling in the French culinary artform of desserts and pastries, leaving us (real-foodies) with much to anticipate and a Middle Eastern touch.

Our Favourite Japanese Baked Desserts from Yamanote
While it still isn’t uncommon to mix the two; a Japanese treat and French parfait, Yamanote has furthered the exclusivity for the upcoming holiday season with their newest addition to the atelier, “MasterChef Ay”- all the way from Tokyo.

With a National Day exclusive and many more festivities to come, Yamanote is ready to add to the holiday spirit with more than 3,500 items baked across the region, in the likes of; Baumkuchen Cheese Baum, Croissants, Sweet Breads, Pastries and more.

About Yamanote Atelier

Yamanote Atelier is an artisanal Japanese bakery and café concept curated in Dubai in 2013, with eleven locations throughout UAE. A home-grown business with a local spirit, it delivers the tastes, culture and culinary craft of Japan and France through a team of Japanese chefs creating breads and pastries in-house for in store dining and catering, as well as food items and confectionary.