In Pictures: Ramadan Around The World

  • Publish date: Monday، 12 April 2021 Last update: Sunday، 18 April 2021
In Pictures: Ramadan Around The World

The holy month of Ramadan is in a few days, lets have a look on how Ramadan is like around the world.

1- Ramadan in India 

Holy month of Ramadan begins with fasting, feasting and faith | India News  News,The Indian Express

2- Ramadan in Beijing

Iftar in China: How Muslims break their Ramadan fast in Beijing

3- Ramadan in Turkey

Ramadan in Turkey - Common questions answered - from blog - Turkey Homes

4- Ramadan in The Philipines

IR Philippines

5- Ramadan in The United States 

Ramadan Calendar USA 2020 Fasting Schedule Timetable | Ramadan Mubarak 2020  Ramadan Kareem wallpapers Pictures Photos

6- Ramadan in Mecca

Only immunised pilgrims allowed to Mecca during Ramadan, say Saudis

7- Ramadan in Thailand

My Occasional Blog: Ramadan in Pattani

8- Ramadan in Iran

Visiting Iran During Ramadan - SURFIRAN Travel and Tours

9- Ramadan accross Africa

Letter from Africa: Ramadan keeps Sudan protesters hungry for change - BBC  News

10- Ramadan in Palestine

Ramadan In Palestine - My Olive Roots

During Ramadan we all are one!

Image source: Global Citizen