UAE: Sharjah Unveils New Guidelines for Eateries during Ramadan

  • Publish date: Thursday، 09 March 2023
UAE: Sharjah Unveils New Guidelines for Eateries during Ramadan

The Sharjah Municipality has introduced guidelines and permits for restaurants during the holy month of Ramadan. Two types of permits have been announced by the authorities.

The first permit, which costs Dh3,000, allows restaurants, including those in shopping centers, to display their food preparation and display during the day.

The second permit, which costs Dh500, permits eateries to display snacks in front of their establishments just before Iftar.

To apply for the permits, eatery owners or managers can visit the Sharjah Municipality's food control section counter located in the Suburbs Affairs Department, Industrial Area 5. The authorities have also issued some general guidelines for displaying food during Ramadan.

For eateries operating during the day, customers are not allowed inside the dining hall and food preparation and cooking are only allowed inside the kitchens.

For displaying food in front of the premises:

Eateries can place food on the sidewalk in front of their establishments.

The food should be displayed in a closed glass box with a sliding or hinged door of at least 100cm in height.

Snacks must be placed in stainless steel containers and covered with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Eateries must maintain the snacks at the appropriate temperature.