Sharjah: Documents for Contract Attestation to be Replaced by New Card

The new card for contract attestations is epxected to lessen time taken for rental formalities in Sharjah

  • Publish date: Friday، 10 March 2023
Sharjah: Documents for Contract Attestation to be Replaced by New Card

The Sharjah Municipality started issuing lessor's cards on Thursday, which replaced the documents that landlords and tenants have to submit for contract attestation.  

The card is to be issued to landlords and it is supposed to reduce the time taken for rental formalities. The card can be used for getting rent contracts attested, instead of submitting various documents. The municipality has to swipe or scan the card to access the required details. 

Director of the Rental Regulation Department Ali Ahmed Abu Ghazien encourages landlords and real estate offices to apply for the card once the tenant has signed the contract. 

You can get the lessor card either directly from the Customer Service Centre of the Rental Regulation Department in the Fifth Industrial Area or by contacting the office through e-mail: ownersaffairs@shjmun.gov.ae.

These are the documents required to get the lessor card: a copy of the owner's passport, owner's ID, and a copy of the property title deed. Real estate offices are required to submit the land plan for the 'grant', a copy of the commercial licence of the real estate office, the ID card of the licence owner, a copy of a valid legal agency, and the agent’s identity card, if any.