All About the Special Permits for Restaurants in Ramadan

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 27 February 2024
All About the Special Permits for Restaurants in Ramadan

Sharjah Municipality has introduced special permits for restaurants and eateries during the holy month of Ramadan.

Eateries need to apply for permits, costing AED 3,000 for preparing and displaying food during the day and AED 500 for displaying snacks before Iftar. Applications can be submitted at various Sharjah Municipality food control section counters.

During the day, restaurants should serve food off-site, with no customer access to the dining hall, limiting food preparation and cooking to the kitchens.

For outdoor food displays, restaurants are permitted to showcase food on their sidewalk if non-sandy. The food presentation involves placing it in non-corrosive metal containers inside a closed glass box, featuring a sliding or hinged door, at least 100cm high.

Alternatively, stainless steel containers can be used, covered with aluminum foil or transparent, food-grade plastic. Ensuring an appropriate temperature, food should not be refrigerated or frozen, and preparation must adhere to the given approval at the outlet. Food should be stored at an appropriate temperature and prepared at the outlet according to approval.

The permit application can be made at various centers, including Al Nasiriyah Center, Tasareeh Center, Al Suraa Wa Al Diqah Center, and others. This initiative aims to regulate and enhance food practices during Ramadan in Sharjah.

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