These Modest Fashion Brands Are Perfect for Ramadan

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 13 April 2021
These Modest Fashion Brands Are Pefect for Ramadan
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As much as Ramadan is about food, family and tradition, to many it's also about modest fashionAbayas are a symbol of modesty and since Ramadan is all about modesty and traditions, here are a few of local brands where you can get a stylish Abaya at a reasonable price.

Atelier is an uprising fashion company that doesn’t only provide gowns, but also up till recently in light of Ramadan, they have released a new collection.

Fashion Creative Designer, Joe Sassine Finianos, said, “Naseem, Floating in Love with the Wind. Naseem (Breeze in English) is a collection that encompasses a modern twist to the traditional abayas. The concept revolves around the values of love, giving and compassion of Ramadan that should be spread through the breeze.”

  • Senso Abaya

  • Senso Abaya

A Dubai-based brand, it is the go-to choose for high-quality fabrics and trendy day-to-night abaya designs. It offers competitive prices and attractive discounts that make shopping all the more enjoyable!

  • Moistreet and Bousni

  • Shop Moistreet Frills Bottom Handwork Embellished Abaya Green online in  Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all UAE

Moistreet and Bousni offers a delightful variety of affordable abaya designs. Whether you’re shopping for everyday wear or special occasions, such as Ramadan.

There are more and more local brands, but this only shows us how Ramadan fashion has evolved over the years!

Image Source: Rawan Instagram