Rasasi Presents a Delectable Perfume Palette for Ramadan

  • Publish date: Friday، 01 April 2022
Rasasi Presents a Delectable Perfume Palette for Ramadan

Just in time for the Holy Month, homegrown perfume brand Rasasi will be highlighting a range of traditional scents to welcome your near and dear ones

UAE, April 2022: Rasasi Perfumes, a homegrown perfume brand known to be a pioneer within the fragrance industry is curating a customised gift box and a wide range of products from perfumes to home fragrances, oils, bukhoor and oudh moattar especially for Ramadan. The brand is specially curating a delectable range of natural essences and incenses to cater to the high demand of such products during this holy month. As Ramadan signifies month-long congregational prayers and frequent family gatherings,   demand for personal and home scents generally goes high, with a particular spike for natural products.

Oudh or agarwood  has been an integral part of Middle Eastern culture for centuries, and its fine aroma, a rare delicacy, is closely associated with meditation and spirituality hence is closely associated with Ramadan.  The burning of agarwood is an essential customary tradition within the Arab world and is symbolic of warm Arab hospitality. Rasasi curates some of the best varieties of agarwood sourced from authenticated and pre-approved suppliers from across India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Cambodia.  Some of the most famous Rasasi varieties that are particularly in high demand during Ramadan include Oudh Al Meksar, Indian Muri, Oudh Rasasi, Oudh Hindi and Oudh Srilankan. The strong and long-lasting fragrance of the Indian agarwood is a particular favourite during Ramadan.

The fragrance rituals are so intrinsic to the culture that many expats living and those who have grown up in the Middle East have adopted the tradition of scenting their homes by burning oudh, oudh moattar (oudh chips soaked in oils), and bukhoor (oudh dust soaked in fragrant oils). Rasasi offers a wide variety of bukhoor and oudh moattar including Qasamat Bukhoor and Oudh Moattar, Somow Al Rasasi Dakhoon & Moattar and the ever-popular Raqiya series.

In the personal fragrances, the natural oils that remain in high demand during Ramadan includes varieties of classical dhanal oudh including the highly coveted Dhanaloudh Akleel Al Jabal, Maliki Qadeem,  Dhanaloudh Kalakashi and Cambodia Super amongst the modern infusions. Rasasi has recently introduced two new varieties of concentrated perfume oils Misk Al Oudh and Silky Saffron.

In the sprays, the popular choices remains the recently launched Somow Al Rasasi Ma’ali, an intensely opulent blend of florals, amber and oudh and Somow Al Rasasi Wajaha, an epitome of richness with a dark blend of opulent rose crafting a mystifying experience. The cult-classic LaYuqawan series pitching to perfection the oudh and leather accords, the niche collection of Junoon and the ever-popular Hawas For Him and Her.

With the demand for ambience fragrance soaring, Rasasi’s Hums series which is made up of the Hums Al Bareya and the Hums Al Zohoor collection each boasting three different fragrant journeys remains at the forefront in the category. The Hum Al Bareya unfolds an intense and smoky scent creating a lush atmosphere overflowing with warmth, abundance and comfort while the Hums Al Zohoor plays on the floral, fruity and spicy notes to create the perfect blend of freshness and sophistication.

Embrace Ramadan with Rasasi, a four-decade legacy of blending exquisite scents that pays homage to Middle Eastern cultures. Rasasi's extensive range of enchanting Oudh is available both in-store and online - share your gratitude by giving your loved ones an unforgettable gift - and express the sentiment and value by treating yourself to a luxurious, aromatic treasure.

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