Report: Sharjah's 4-Day Work System Increases Employees Productivity

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 01 February 2023
Report: Sharjah's 4-Day Work System Increases Employees Productivity

(Sharjah Media Office) Sharjah Executive Council (SEC) during a meeting on Tuesday said the evaluation study of the new weekly work system in Sharjah showed an increase in employee productivity in 88% of the companies.

The report also showed an 81% increase in positive communication between employees, a 61% increase in the rate of providing e-government services outside of official working hours, a 74% increase in the attendance rate, a 76% increase in innovation and creativity, and a 46% decrease in sick leave rate.

From the level of employees, the study found:

  • 90% increase in the rate of job satisfaction,
  • 90% improvement in job performance,
  • 91%  feeling of happiness in general after implementing the new system,
  • 87%  positive effect on mental health,
  • 84% of the system achieves a balance between work and family life,
  • 96% increase in enjoying the weekly holiday ,
  • 70% increase in the percentage of participation in social events,
  • 62% increase in the opportunity to practice exercises and special hobbies,
  • 74% increase in the sense of suitability of the work environment for new working hours,
  • 59% increase in the opportunities for free time to pursue private commercial projects,
  • 52% increase in the chances of completing education.
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