Survey: Anxious About Returning to The Office? Tell Us Your Opinion

  • Publish date: Sunday، 15 August 2021 Last update: Friday، 27 August 2021
Survey: Anxious About Returning to The Office? Tell Us Your Opinion
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It’s been almost two years since a work from home system was implemented as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to efforts worldwide to curve the spread of the virus and the rollout of the vaccine, things are gradually going back to what we can call ‘normal’. Many companies have returned to their offices, but many others adopted a hybrid working system.

Mixed reactions about returning to the office

It seems that the decision to return to work from offices wasn’t taken well by everyone, as the largest international companies, such as Google and others, confirmed that they got mixed reactions from employees when asked to return to work from offices.

Some employees expressed their enthusiasm to return to work from the office again, after the long period they spent at home, and their strong desire to return their working lives to what they were before the pandemic.

On the other hand, other employees expressed their dissatisfaction with this matter, especially after they getting used to the idea of ​​working from home, which made the idea of ​​returning to the office difficult for them.

With differing opinions between supporters of returning to work from the offices, and those who oppose the idea, "Istibyani" website published a questionnaire collecting opinions about returning to the office.

Take the ‘Back to Office Survey’

The questionnaire consists of a set of questions, the first part surveys the ages and nationality of the respondents, and then explores the field in which you work in your company.

The questionnaire turns to the question of how comfortable the participant feels about returning to work, and what is the most worrying thing about returning to work from the office, where the participant in this question can choose more than one answer.

Take part in the survey through the following link here