"7awi Media" Certified as Great Place to Work

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 July 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 12 July 2022
"7awi Media" Certified as Great Place to Work

"7awi" the leading digital platform for media and advertising solutions has earned the "Great Place to Work" Certification awarded by the American Institute "Great Place to Work" for organizations which create the best workplace for their employees.

The results were announced based on a survey evaluating the working experience for the employees of "7awi" within the parameters of the globally recognized trust index. The results of the survey showed the eligibility of "7awi" for the "Great Place to Work" Certification for providing an ideal work environment for their employees based on the best practices.

The strategy adopted by "7awi" has proven successful in paying due attention to the human resources by providing positive work environment which enhance the abilities of employees for professional creativity and innovation, cater to their needs, achieve balanced integration between the personal and professional sides for each individual under its umbrella, in addition to enhance the productivity based on the teamwork rule.

"7awi Media" Certified as Great Place to Work

In this context, Mr. Anas Abbar, the CEO of "7awi' said: "Today is a special day. It has been my dream that we build a company we all call "Our Company". A company we are all proud of! Analyzing the results of the survey, made me sit back, smile, and take pride of all the hard work. We, just like every organization, had our rough patches but we managed to turn these around and I will cherish this award forever!"

About the "Great Place to Work" Certification:

The "Great Place to Work" Certification is issued by the American Institute, a global body involved in evaluating the distinguished work environments through criteria developed based on the expertise of great leaders and the outcome of soliciting the views of millions of employees all over the world.

This certificate is awarded to entities and organizations which meet the standards and conditions developed by the American Institute based on comprehensive analysis undertaken by the Institute in the United Arab Emirates, drawing the conclusions thereof from the feedback of employees as a part of extensive survey about the workplace experience.

About "7awi Media":

7awi.com is a leading digital platform for media and advertising solutions targeting the Middle East and North Africa. "7awi" owns and manages a rich and varied group of electronic portals with more than 20 million monthly users and more than 100 million followers on the social media with offices in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt.

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