UAE releases new Covid-19 laws regarding wearing masks in public

  • Publish date: Friday، 10 September 2021 Last update: Saturday، 11 September 2021
UAE releases new Covid-19 laws regarding wearing masks in public

A new list of guidelines was recently released in UAE as to when you can remove your mask off without paying any legal fees, this has been in corresponding to opening the country slowly as more people have been vaccinated.

What are the new mask guidelines in UAE?

Those are the new guidelines where you are allowed to take off your face mask in UAE:

  • You can take off your mask while eating food or drinking in restaurants and cafes and similar places. 
  • If you have a documented health issue that is related to respiratory diseases. 
  • When you are working out on your own. 
  • While working alone inside the office. 
  • While going under a physical or medical examination that requires you to remove your face mask. 
  • Any person who has gotten severe disability is not required under the new UAE law to wear a face mask in public during Covid-19

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What are the new violations for not wearing a mask in public spaces?

At all costs you must stick to the rules and wear your mask when you must, After all the pandemic cannot be beaten through unless we all join hands together and do our parts, but to ensure that all of that is legally going correctly, so if you were wondering about the fees you would pay in violations, those are the new fees:

  • 5000 AED for the management o for not wearing a mask or sticking to social distancing in workplaces for residential complexes that are assigned to the workforces of the company plus 500 AED for the worker that did not oblige to the rules. 
  • 3000 AED for those who do not follow social distancing in public spaces. 
  • 20000 AED fees for those who remove their masks in commercial zones.
  • 10000 AED fees for those who remove their masks in other non-commercial zones. 
  • New covid-19 guidelines for the management.

If you own a business, you should follow those rules:

  • Distribute thermal cameras in the office.
  • Allows Overcrowding of people.
  • Increased number of workers over the permitted limit.
  • Anyone who doesn’t follow the rules including the number of people and social distancing rules or guidelines would receive 10,000 AED of fees.

Remember, keep your hands cleaned and your mask on! Better safe than sorry.

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