The Ministry of Health Educates Pilgrims About Health Procedures

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 July 2022
The Ministry of Health Educates Pilgrims About Health Procedures

The Ministry of Health and Prevention was keen to be with the convoys of pilgrims at the airport before their departure from the country to provide health advice and guidance to pilgrims during their performance of Hajj, through a specialized health team that provided them with all capabilities in order to ensure a safe and healthy Hajj.

The Ministry’s team is working to conduct free examinations for pilgrims, and to ensure that they receive the necessary vaccinations before traveling, as part of the awareness campaign that it launched during the Hajj season for the current year, through its website and various platforms on social media, under the slogan “Your safety is the priority.”

The team advises pilgrims to follow a number of health measures and precautions while in the Holy Land, such as wearing a mask, using a tissue when sneezing and coughing, avoiding shaking hands or hugging, and consulting a doctor in the event of any symptoms such as coughing, rash, shortness of breath or muscle pain to prevent the transmission of disease and protect the health and safety of pilgrims. It is worth mentioning that the Ministry’s team will conduct free examinations for pilgrims to check on them.

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