Weather Update: Dubai Police Issue Safety Measures for All Residents

  • Publish date: Monday، 12 February 2024
Weather Update: Dubai Police Issue Safety Measures for All Residents

As rainfall continues in Dubai, authorities have taken swift action to ensure the safety of residents in the middle of ongoing unstable weather conditions.

Safety Advisory

Dubai Police issued a safety alert to residents via mobile phones early this morning, urging caution in light of the city's unpredictable weather patterns. The advisory highlighted specific areas of concern, including beaches, valleys, and low-lying regions, advising residents to avoid these areas and exercise vigilance while driving.

dubai rain

Continued Weather Instability

The unstable weather, which started yesterday, February 11, is expected to persist throughout the day, prompting authorities to implement precautionary measures.

Government Response

In response to the situation, government offices have declared today, February 12, as a remote working day, ensuring the continuity of essential services while minimizing risks associated with commuting. Educational institutions have also been advised to transition to distance learning, prioritizing the safety of students and staff.

Stay Informed

Residents are encouraged to stay informed about weather updates and adhere to safety guidelines issued by local authorities. As Dubai navigates through these challenging weather conditions, the collective efforts of residents and authorities are crucial in ensuring the well-being of all.

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