Ronaldo Reportedly Purchases AED 98 Mn Land on Jumeirah Bay

Speculations Rise as Ronaldo Eyes Real Estate in Dubai

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 26 June 2024
Ronaldo Reportedly Purchases AED 98 Mn Land on Jumeirah Bay

The internet is abuzz with rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo's latest high-profile investment—a prime piece of land on Dubai's exclusive Jumeirah Bay, reportedly worth AED 98 million. The speculation has ignited a flurry of tweets and discussions, with many seeing this as Ronaldo's new venture into real estate.

Ronaldo and his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, are said to have acquired this luxurious plot, strategically located on the ultra-exclusive Jumeirah Island. This purchase comes as Ronaldo continues his football career with Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia, making Dubai a convenient getaway. Additionally, Ronaldo's Totó restaurant is set to open soon in Dubai, adding another layer to his Middle Eastern ventures.

Rumors suggest that the couple's new property is situated on a seahorse-shaped island off Dubai's coast, near the iconic Palm Islands. Managed by one of the UAE's top luxury real estate firms, this area is known for its exclusivity and high-end amenities.

Reports indicate that Ronaldo plans to construct a mansion on this plot, with a goal to complete the project by the end of December. The island already features 15 luxury homes, exclusive beaches, entertainment clubs, a hotel, a yacht club, and a diving center—creating a literal dream destination.

This new mansion is intended to serve as a residence for Ronaldo, Georgina, and their five children. The seahorse-shaped island is connected to Dubai by a 300-meter bridge, enhancing its allure as a premier location.

While these claims remain unconfirmed, the luxury and lifestyle of Dubai align perfectly with the tastes of Georgina and Ronaldo, making this rumored purchase all the more plausible.

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