Dubai's Most Affordable & Most Expensive Areas

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 15 February 2023 Last update: Wednesday، 24 April 2024
Dubai's Most Affordable & Most Expensive Areas

 The average annual rent cost in Dubai grew by 28.5 percent in 2023 marking the highest increase in the city on record according to the real estate services and investment company CBRE report.

The average annual apartment and villa rents reached AED 98,307 and AED 290,242, respectively as of January 2023.

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In the year through January 2023, average residential prices grew by 10.6%, with average apartment prices increasing by 10.3% and average villa prices increasing by 12.9% over the same period. Average apartment prices in Dubai, as of January 2023, stood at AED 1,196 per square foot, and average villa prices stood at AED 1,411 per square foot.

Most Affordable Areas to Buy in Dubai

The most affordable places to buy an apartment per square foot include International City at AED 491 sq. ft., Liwan at AED 499 per sq. ft., Discovery Gardens at AED 554 per sq. ft., Remraam at AED 599 per sq. ft. and Living Legends AED 613 per sq. ft..

For affordable villas consider areas like Damac Hills 2 at AED 629 sq. ft., JVC at AED 663 per sq. ft., Falconcity of Wonders at AED 781 per sq. ft. , Green Community (DIP) at AED 812 per sq. ft Town Square AED 830 per sq. ft and Living Legends AED 843 per sq. ft.

Most Affordable Areas for Rent in Dubai

For apartments rental, International City with an average of AED 29,922 per year, Liwan with an average of AED 46,333 per year, Dubai Production City (IMPZ) with an average of AED 44,221 Dubai Sports City AED 46,292, Discovery Gardens with an average of 52,250, and Remraam with an average of AED 60,908 per year.

The cheapest areas to rent a villa include JVC at AED 155,772 per year, Reem at AED 160,648 per year, Falconcity of Wonders at AED 186,749 per year, Mudon at AED 188,746 per year and Deira at AED 119,308 per year. 

Most Expensive Areas to Buy in Dubai

For apartment sales, Jumeirah is the most expensive at AED 2,397 per sq. ft., followed by Palm Jumeirah at AED 2,268 per sq. ft., Downtown at AED 2,207 per sq. ft., Old Dubai at AED 1,827 per sq. ft.. and Dubai Hills at AED 1,747 per sq. ft..

For villa sales, you’ll expect to pay the most per square foot in Palm Jumeirah at AED 4,104, then Emirates Hills at AED 2,356, Jumeirah at AED 2,307, District One at AED 2,120 then Mohammed Bin Rashid City at AED 1,748.

Most Expensive Areas to Rent in Dubai

The most expensive areas to rent an apartment are Palm Jumeirah at AED 218,840 per year, Downtown at AED 258,529 per year, Old Dubai at AED 187,498 per year, Jumeirah at AED 163,784 per year and Dubai Marina at AED 172,214 per year.

For villa rental, the most expensive areas include Palm Jumeirah at AED 1,032,763 per year, The Lakes at AED 261,216 per year, Al Barari at AED 981,396 per year, Emirates Hills at AED 848,754 per year and Jumeirah Islands AED 617,059 per year.

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