UN Official: COP28 Can Be "Groundbreaking for World's Oceans"

  • Publish date: Friday، 09 June 2023
UN Official: COP28 Can Be "Groundbreaking for World's Oceans"

According to a UN official, the COP28 climate change meeting may mark a turning point in efforts to save the planet's seas and natural resources.

The event in Dubai, according to Ignace Beguin Billecocq, ocean lead for the UN High Level Climate Champions, was a chance to highlight how important oceans were to efforts to address the climate problem.

While reducing carbon emissions should be the top goal, governments and businesses can use COP28 to step up their efforts to protect the world's oceans, according to Mr. Billecocq, who was speaking at the MENA Oceans Summit in Dubai.

The COP28 presidency stated that the negotiations should be centred around nature.

Mr. Billecocq urged nations to include tougher ocean protection measures in their voluntary nationally determined contributions (NDCs), which are voluntary offers by nations to assist in reducing emissions.

He also added that governments and the business sector need to increase funding for the blue economy in fields like marine conservation.

The majority of the world's surface is covered by oceans, which also serve as a carbon sink.

According to the UN, oceans absorb 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions and 90% of the surplus heat produced by these emissions.

Despite the fact that warming global waters are a result of rising emissions, oceans remain crucial in the fight against climate change.

COP28 will take place from November 30th to December 12th at Expo City Dubai. It is planned to have a day honouring the value of the natural world, including the land and the sea.

In May, UN High-Level Champion for COP28 on Climate Change Razan Al Mubarak stated that there needs to be a greater understanding of how the natural world might help achieve important environmental goals.

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