Taiwan’s Festivals

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 17 November 2021
Taiwan’s Festivals
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Taiwan is a land rich in cultural diversity. Floating on the sea off East Asia's shore. Confucian and indigenous Taiwanese traditions combine to form Taiwanese culture. The people of Taiwan are welcome to people of all cultures, and the country's calendar is jam-packed with traditional and modern celebrations, such as New Year's Day, Christmas, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and more. While events take place all year, many of the festivals, which take place between January and March, are based on the lunar calendar magnificent religious events. Flower, music, fireworks, and lantern festivals are held annually in Taiwan, as well as hot springs, hungry ghost cults, island bike tours, international marathons, and other activities. These celebrations occur throughout the year, one after the other.

Christmas and New Year Celebration

Christmas in Taiwan is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. We are talking about infusing things with a regional flavor.

Residents of one road in Beitou adorn their homes for Christmas every year from the last two weeks of December to the New Year. The entire street is lit up with fairy lights, and many homes have added festive plants and other decorations as well. Christmas Land in Taipei features important Christmas celebration activities as well as magnificent art works. A beautiful array of lights, as well as Taiwan's tallest open-air Christmas tree, draw many passers-by to take photos in The New Taipei City Citizens Square. Several events planned, including a family garden party, a Christmas parade carnival, and a Christmas Eve concert. Everyone is welcome to visit in the country's largest Christmas party and celebrate the start of a new year in a festive atmosphere. Taiwan excels at shockingly decorated Christmas trees displays.

Every year in December, the Taipei City government to plan a series of activities to celebrate New Year's Eve to create "The Greatest New Year Taipei City," allowing people from all over the world to experience Taipei's unique urban settings. On December 31st, there is a new year's party with various themes, foreign performers, and spectacular performances, as well as the highly anticipated Taipei 101's New Year show to count down with hundreds of thousands of people to greet the new year.

The Lantern Festival

The Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held in Kaohsiung next year 2022. The main lantern exhibition will take place at the Asia New Bay Area at Kaohsiung's port. A variety of colorful lanterns strung outside for everybody to see. At the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Kaohsiung, you may immerse yourself in Taiwan's wonderful culture and joyous atmosphere.

After the New Year celebrations have concludes, Taiwan has something even more to look forward to. The Taiwan Lantern Festival is arrived. Taiwan's skies and streets are lit up with little and large lanterns every year. The sky lantern festival, also known as the Pingxi Lantern Festival, is held only in Taiwan's Pingxi area. Thousands of locals and tourists assemble to release lanterns into the sky, each making a wish. The event is held in two or three locations across Pingxi, with the Shifen district being the most popular. A festival in which sky lanterns transport people's prayers and vows to purify their spirits, and a festival that promotes You can experience the enjoyment of this spectacular and magnificent sight transcends cultural bounds. The sight of sky lanterns ascending slowly into the sky is a wonderful memory and the start of happiness and dreams.


Taiwan, noted for its efficient handling of the COVID virus, has been praised for its efforts in piquing the interest of travelers in learning more about the place to visit after the borders are opened as people adjust to their new regular way of life. Taiwan has proven to be the frontrunners in managing this virus, as the issue is still under control and all regulations are being followed. Hopefully, living in Taiwan will soon welcome tourists to this beautiful North-East Asian country.