The Diverse, Rich and Flavourful Indian Cuisine

  • Publish date: Monday، 30 October 2023 Last update: Tuesday، 09 January 2024
The Diverse, Rich and Flavourful Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

Indian food is in contrast with the remaining world just not in flavor but also in the style of cooking. It reflects a perfect blend of various cultures and ages. Similar to Indian culture, Indian food has also been impacted by various communities, which have shared their chunk in its total comprehensive evolution and the present form.

India is well known for its spices. All over India, from North India or South India, spices are commonly used in food. Everyone must remember that each and every spice of India carries both nutritional as well as medicinal properties.

North Indian Food:

Food in north India, to commence with, Kashmiri cuisines reflect strong Central Asian influences. In Kashmir, mostly all the dishes are prepared around the main course of rice found in great quantity, in the gorgeous valley. Another delicious item cooked here is the 'Saag' that is prepared with a green leafy vegetable called the 'Hak'. 

West Indian Food

The desert cooking is famous for its special taste and variety of food in the western part of India. Rajasthan and Gujarat are the regions that represent the desert flavor of Indian food. A variety of dals (lentils) and achars (pickles) easily substitute the relative lack of fresh vegetables in western India.

In states like Maharashtra, the food is normally a mix of both north as well as south cooking methods. The population of Maharashtra uses both the rice and the wheat. Along the coastline of Mumbai, a wide variety of fish is available. Some of the tasty cooking styles include dishes like the Bombay Prawn and Pomfret.

In Goa, which is further down towards the south, one can notice the Portuguese effect in the preparations as well as in the dishes. Some of the major dishes of this area are the sweet and sour Vindaloo, duck baffad, sorpotel, egg molie, and many more.

East Indian Food

In the eastern India, the Bengali and Assamese styles of cooking are appreciable. The main food of Bengalis is the luscious combination of rice and fish. Generally, the Bengalis like to eat different varieties of fish. A special way of preparing the delicacy known as 'Hilsa'  is by covering it in a pumpkin leaf and then cooking it. Another unusual ingredient that is usually used in Bengali cooking is the 'Bamboo Shoot'. Different kinds of sweets made in this region, by use of milk, include the 'Rosogollas', 'Sandesh', 'Cham-cham', and many more.

South Indian Food

In southern India, the states make immense use of spices, fish, and coconuts, as most of them have coastal kitchens. In the foods of Tamil Nadu usage of tamarind is often made in order to impart sourness to the dishes. It easily differentiates Tamil Food from other cuisines.

The cooking style of Andhra Pradesh is supposed to make enormous use of chilies, it enhances the flavor of the dishes. In Kerala, some of the delectable dishes are the Malabar fried prawns, Idlis, Dosas, fish molie, rice puttu, etc. Another famous item of this area is the sweetened coconut milk. One more dish is Puttu, which is glutinous rice powder steamed like a pudding in a bamboo shoot.

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