The Famous "Chaiwala" in India - Dolly Ki Tapri

Viral videos serving tea with an attitude!

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 September 2023
The Famous "Chaiwala" in India - Dolly Ki Tapri

Have you been amazed watching videos on social media of the charismatic chaiwalla? Do you know what "Chaiwala" means? 

The meaning of "Chaiwala"

OK, let's start with the definition of "Chaiwala". Chai is the Hindi and Urdu word for "tea", as in masala chai, and wala indicates the person performing the task, so chaiwala is a street vendor of tea. Clear?

Viral videos have swamped social media with Indian Street Food videos. However, one chaiwala stands out for the way he dresses and how he serves the tea. The way he presents himself got him millions of followers from around the world. However, most of his followers don't know much about him.

Dolly Ki Tapri

Born in 1998, Dolly belongs to a Middle-class Hindu Family in Nagpur, Maharashtra (India). Not many details could be obtained about him however it is said that he studied in a local public school until class 10 and then dropped out due to financial difficulties and had to start selling tea to earn a living. 

Dolly is a very friendly guy famous for his tea serving. He has grown long hair. He wears sunglasses and other accessories. He is known to do all the fun activities to keep his customers entertained and engaged.

He enjoys offering cigarettes and tea to his customers, pouring the milk into the big bowl, igniting the gas lighter for his customers, balancing the teacups (glasses), and moving his arms and feet in style. And people around him stay very entertained as they watch the show.

What is Dolly Ki Tapri's Real Name

Sunil Patil. Most of the people don’t know that his real name is Sunil Patil. However, he is more famous as Dolly. People calling him “Dolly Bhai” irritates him as he prefers to be called only “Dolly”.

Dolly Chaiwala Nagpur Income 

There are no accurate estimates of his income. His chai price starts at 7 Rupees per cup (.30 Fils or .08 US cents), and according to the Times of India, Dolly sells 3500 – 5000 cups daily. So, we can say that he earns min 15,000 Rupees per day (660 AED) and a maximum of up to 35,000 Rupees per day (1,500 AED)

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