"Oh God": Emirati Influencer Khalid Al Ameri Tries Spicy Food in India

  • Publish date: Monday، 17 July 2023
"Oh God": Emirati Influencer Khalid Al Ameri Tries Spicy Food in India

Popular Emirati influencer Khalid Al Ameri is well-known for his hilarious videos and his willingness to take on difficulties and traverse the globe while producing interesting content.

The influencer has travelled the world, delighting in novel experiences and entertainingly showcasing them.

Al Ameri made the long journey to Kerala, India, just to sample the local cuisine.

The Arab influencer attempted to disprove the myth about how spicy Indian food is by eating it, but failed miserably as seen in the video he posted on his Instagram page. More than 310,000 people have liked the reel and it has earned well over 3.5 million views.

The influencer recently went on a South Asian trip to learn about the culture and sample the cuisine. He made the most of his vacation to produce some outstanding material, and can be seen crying over a plate of biryani in another video posted by a restaurant.

He also alluded to the well-known Bollywood film "Chennai Express" in one of his films that he took while riding a train. He leaned out of a moving train, imitating Shah Rukh Khan, to extend a hand to Salama Mohamed, his Deepika Padukone.

Many Indian fans were amazed when he recreated a famous Bollywood movie scene and received 3.4 million views. One person's response, "How do you know of these Indian references? ", conveyed their disbelief. More Arabs like you are needed, lol.

With a fan base of more than 2.6 million, Khalid Al Ameri is incredibly popular. He frequently collaborates on content creation alongside Salama Mohamed, his wife.

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