The First Electric Car Made in Abu Dhabi Joins the Police Fleet!

  • Publish date: Thursday، 16 November 2023
The First Electric Car Made in Abu Dhabi Joins the Police Fleet!

Abu Dhabi Police has unveiled a new addition to its fleet, signaling a significant move towards sustainability and innovation in the capital. The recently introduced UAE-manufactured electric vehicle, known as the Rabdan One, is set to patrol the city's streets, boasting impressive energy efficiency and speed features.

Assembled in collaboration with local manufacturer NWTN at the Khalifa Industrial Zone, the Rabdan One boasts remarkable capabilities. Sporting the signature white and blue colors of Abu Dhabi Police and equipped with a 510-kilowatt power station driven by two turbines, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. Notably, this five-seater electric car has an impressive pre-charging range of 860 kilometers, a milestone achievement in the UAE's commitment to embracing electric vehicles.

This move aligns with the nation's vision to have 80% of vehicles on its roads electric-powered by 2050. The introduction of the Rabdan One marks a significant step in this transition and emphasizes the UAE's dedication to technological advancements and eco-friendly transportation.

Alongside this milestone, other initiatives, such as the driverless, AI-powered robocab service via the TXAI app on Yas and Saadiyat Island, have further showcased Abu Dhabi's commitment to futuristic transportation solutions.

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