This Airline Offers 100kg Baggage Allowance for Dubai Passengers

  • Publish date: Friday، 28 July 2023
This Airline Offers 100kg Baggage Allowance for Dubai Passengers

Serene Air, a Pakistani airline, allows travelers to travel from Dubai with up to 100kg of luggage.

For travelers traveling in economy class and checking in no more than three pieces of luggage, the fledgling South Asian airline is giving a 70kg baggage allowance. While passengers flying in Serene Plus (business class) are permitted to bring a maximum of 4 pieces of luggage and up to 100kg. No item should weigh more than 32 kg. 

The option is offered on the airline's Airbus 330-200, according to a tweet. The 'Bring All That You Can For Your Family and Friends' campaign will come to an end on July 31 for UAE citizens traveling from Dubai to Lahore and Islamabad.

Due to the 1.7 million Pakistanis who reside in the UAE, the bulk of whom reside in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Dubai-Pakistan is one of the busiest routes. The second-largest population in the UAE is made up of Pakistanis.

Additionally, till the end of this month, the private airline is providing passengers traveling from Sharjah to Lahore and Islamabad with a 60kg baggage allowance.

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