Top Filipino Influencers in the UAE

  • Publish date: Monday، 21 August 2023 Last update: Wednesday، 13 September 2023
Top Filipino Influencers in the UAE

The most notable Filipino influencers in the fields of fashion, food, travel, and even lifestyle writing are highlighted in the list below. They might not be the most followed, but they do deserve the recognition that they are about to get! 

1. Patrick Caldito

Patrick Caldito is a fashion influencer who posts his outfits and other aesthetic posts! 

2. James Morales

James Morales is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who posts his life around the United Arab Emirates.

3. Herald Herrera

Herald Herrera is a lifestyle blogger who posts a handful of his photography on his page!

4. Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is a photographer who posts all his wonderful adventures on his instagram page!

5. Corbie Gonzaga


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Corbie Gonzaga is a travel and food blogger who posts all of her journeys all over her Instagram page!

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