Top Pakistani Female Influencers in the UAE

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 22 August 2023 Last update: Wednesday، 30 August 2023
Top Pakistani Female Influencers in the UAE

The concept of social media influencers has changed, and their importance in the digital world now goes beyond simple measures like reach and engagement. Influencers on social media nowadays are a powerful cultural and social force that is sweeping the globe. Therefore, you must keep up with these five female Pakistani influencers that swept the globe!

1. Kiran Malik

Kiran Malik is an actress, model and a fashion designer who is an absolute fashion icon!

2. Manal Muffin

Manal Muffin is all about beauty and fashion! 

3. Natasha Ali Lakhani

Natasha Ali Lakhani is a beautiful and talented make up artist who also offers online make up classes!

4. Faiza Hasan


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Faiza Ali is a mom who creates content about her beautiful family!

5. Sidra Sadiq


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Sidra Saadiq is a part time model as well as a fashion influencer!

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