Touch A Piece Of The Moon At The Usa Pavilion In Expo 2020 !

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 October 2021
Touch A Piece Of The Moon At The Usa Pavilion In Expo 2020 !

 The Moon in space between your hands

The expo 2020 American Pavilion is currently holding one of the most magical and wonderful experiences anyone can try in Expo Dubai 2020, which is the opportunity to touch a small piece of the moon, this small fragment of moon was harvested back in 1972 during the final Apollo mission, and that small piece is older than 3.8 Billion Years, you can also touch and see a Martian Meteorite, as well as a model of the Mars opportunity rover that was built by students of Cornell university for the USA pavilion.

Meet History, Explore History

The USA pavilion will hold a lot of wonderful events, displaying one of the oldest English Qurans' as well as Steve jobs display and much more in which visitors can sight-see and enjoy, Do not miss this chance and go see the moon while visiting Dubai Expo 2020! it is such a wonderful sight to see.
Enjoy many events such as the Amazing Stepafrika's Show tonight! and do not forget to take a lot of pictures and buy lots of souvenirs.

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