Best Shawarma In Dubai That Would Make You Drool

  • Publish date: Monday، 11 October 2021 Last update: Friday، 28 January 2022
Best Shawarma In Dubai That Would Make You Drool

Shawarma is one of the best dishes and in the Middle East as well as Dubai is a very popular and extremely loved dish that is made out of pita bread chicken or meat grilled on a skewer, with different toppings, each and every restaurant in Dubai has its own signature dish and savory Shawarma with crunchy fries, are you a big fan of shawarma? because we know we are in UAEmoments so buckle up and get ready to experience the Best Shawarma in Dubai as well as information about those top joints 

 Best Shawarma in Dubai

Are you a fan of shawarma with pomegranate molasses? or do you like it with extra cheese on the top? Do you prefer shawarma with special sauces? or are you just a Person that prefers classic shawarma?

Either way, we gathered a list of the top Shawarma restaurants in Dubai where you can get anything you like from special wraps to classic meals.

Allo Beirut

Allo Beirut Known for the decorative design of its interior that makes it very enjoyable to sit at one of its tables and enjoy the show where might up it is also known for the crowd and for being a great showing by the student for its prices it is also a very cozy place where you can enjoy your food without feeling too cold and it’s getting close to your heart it also has great services and a staff that is very professional. usually, popular dishes at this restaurant include a beach with mother as well as her up and the chicken classic show the average cost for two people is 120 Aed, you can pay through Visa as well as cash.

  • Allo Beirut working hours: 8:00 Am - 2:00 Am daily
  • Location of Allo Beirut: Hessa St. Street Dubai United Arab Emirates
  • Allo Beirut phone number: +9718 008-623-4788

JJ chicken

You a fan of chicken if you are then this is the perfect place for you it is the most often take place when it comes to marinated grilled chicken, enjoy a shawarma sandwich from this place that will make your taste buds go crazy as it is just super Savory and delicious the charcoal part makes the chicken of this place one of the best in Dubai there's nothing that beats JJ chicken when it comes to anything chicken-related and guesses what? their prices are extremely affordable so the next time you are in town grab a bite and have a shawarma sandwich from JJ chicken.

  • JJ Chicken working hours: 8:00 Am - 2:00 Am daily
  • Location of JJ Chicken: Hessa St. Street Dubai United Arab Emirates
  • JJ Chicken phone number: +9180086234788

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Shiraz Nights 

Shiraz Nights is a kebab and Shawarma restaurant in Dubai that is very famous for its delicious food and cheap prices Recommended menu that Shiraz Nights serve is spiced Shawarma sandwiches As their salads the average price for two people reaches 100 AED. 

  • Shiraz nights location: Opposite Kuwaiti Supermarket, Street 18 A, Baniyas Square, Baniyas, Dubai
  • Shiraz nights working hours: 8:00 am – 1:00 am Sun-Sat
  • Shiraz nights phone number: +97142227720

Laffah Dubai

The restaurant in Dubai started smaller making Syrian Shawarma sandwiches and along the way it had enormous success reaching its’ five different branches serving shawarma in Arabic bread, as well as roasted chicken Also, enjoy sheesh chicken sandwiches.

More Restaurants that serve the best Shawarma in Dubai

  • Manoushe Street
  • On the Wood,Al Safadi
  • Al Ijaza Cafeteria
  • Al Mallah
  • Belad Al Sham,Hallab
  • Istanbul Flower
  • Set El Sham 
  • Falafel & Shawarma
  • Beirut Restaurant & Grill

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