Twitter Rolls Out Ticketed Spaces For Content Creators

  • Publish date: Thursday، 30 September 2021
Twitter Rolls Out Ticketed Spaces For Content Creators

Twitter announced a new paid feature allowing influencers and content creators to make a profit from their live audio rooms. Hosts can charge for their ticketed rooms, and the paid version of the feature is known as Ticketed Spaces. It first rolled out in June and is available to select IOS users for now.  

Ticketed Spaces is available to influencers and content creators who apply in advance.  They will initially keep 97% of the earnings for the first $50,000 and 80% for earnings more than $50,000.  They can define the number of participants and the price of registration to the live audio rooms. Ticketed Spaces has many features including workshops, meet and greets, and a lot more.  

Ticketed Spaces is just one of the many paid services Twitter plans to release. This is a significant monetization strategy, and also entices audiences to spend more time on the platform. 

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