Tweek your earbuds with LG Tone Free App

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 18 May 2022
Tweek your earbuds with LG Tone Free App

Do you know what is more exciting than owning an LG Tone-free earbud? That is tweaking it with the LG Tone free app! You can do many things through it that gives you a whole different experience while listening, and the LG Tone Free App gives you many options for customization with your earphones and control of different modes.

Customization of the LG Tone free App

The LG Tone Free App does give you a lot of customization options; you

Can have the best sound for your favorite tracks, such as the EQ preset customization.

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Personalize your use

You can customize the touch on your earbuds, whether the left one or the right one, to do different things, like turn up the volume or turn it down, play music, skip a song, or hear the surroundings, all through The LG Tone Free App.

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Different sounds for different surroundings

Tune your surroundings using ambient sound mode or choose different preset modes, such as whispering mode or game mode, and listen to your music better as The LG Tone Free App lets you choose between immersive, natural, bass boost, treble boost, and 3D sound stage EQ presets.

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Find Your Earbuds

The LG Tone Free App gives you the ability to track the location of each earbud in case you go missing; through the LG Tone Free App, you can press the sound play button for the left or the right one, and you will hear a beep sound coming out from your lost earbud to help you find it, you can even track the last time you were connected to it as in location in case you forgot it or lost it somewhere but cannot remember.

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Easy connect

You can easily connect your buds and your phone and control them through the LG Tone Free App.

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Download the LG Tone Free App and enjoy listening to your music.

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