New Emirates ID Features Revealed

  • Publish date: Sunday، 08 August 2021
New Emirates ID Features Revealed

After announcing a new Emirates ID card in November last year, The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) on Saturday stated the new features of the card.

Here are the features of the enhanced Emirates ID

  • A consolidated 3D photo: The laser printing feature will be authenticated with the holder's date of birth.

  • The card's chip will have a higher capacity and non-touch data reading features.

  •  New information includes professional data, issuing authority and population group.
  • Enhanced protection of non-visible data: Data can now be read through the E-link system with the ICA.
  • A high-quality card with a longer service life: The card is made using polycarbonate, increasing its service life to over 10 years.

The new identity documents feature additional visual and electronic security features to combat identity fraud and to strengthen national and international confidence in travel documents.

How to renew Emirates ID Card?

Check the steps on the ICA site https://ica.gov.ae/media-center/new-version-emirates-identity-card/ 

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