UAE Hiking Season to Begin on This Date With New Regulations

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 24 October 2023
UAE Hiking Season to Begin on This Date With New Regulations

Adventure lovers will be pleased to know that the hiking season will begin on Nov. 1 in the UAE with new regulations to ensure the safety of hikers. 

Large, unlicensed meet up groups are prohibited during this season. 

Fines of AED 50,000 will also be implemented if hikers breach mountain trail rules. 

These rules were implemented from Mar.1 for organized trekking groups, individual tourists, and residents. 

A crackdown will be carried out on meet-up groups, which contain 60 people and one guide because there is the risk to lose somebody.

Individuals are not allowed to hike alone, which increases the potential of danger. 

Other new regulations include a qualified guide beign appointed for a group of 10 people, which will ensure the safety of hikers in the Fujairah Adventure Center. 

Hikers or trekkers must also register via a code at the start of each trail to notfy the time of their departure. 

Four inspectors and local residents of the mountainous regions have also been appointed to monitor trails.

The guide for organized groups must be trained in first aid and the organized groups must have an open method of communication at all times.

Tour guides must also be qualified in trail leading and they must also pay for a license, a tourism authority permit, a goverment fees, an insurance, and an office. 

A hiking trail course takes up to four days to complete and it includes online tutorials and assessments, which costs around AED 3,000.

Hikers or trekkers are required to carry a first aid kit, a power bank to charge their phones, a torch, hiking boots, a sunhat, and water with them during the hike. 

As the cooler season begins in the UAE, people wanting to go on hikes, must abide by these regulations to enjoy a safe trek.

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