UAE IAA Chief "Robots are Not a Replacement for Humans"

  • Publish date: Thursday، 10 March 2022
UAE IAA Chief "Robots are Not a Replacement for Humans"

Abdulqader Obaid Ali, Chairman of the UAE Internal Auditors Association (IAA) said Humanoid robots are no replacements to humans and will not take over our jobs.

“There is no replacement for humans and I believe that the audit function is going to be even more needed in the future. Yes, we’re becoming more digital by the day and it is required for two very important reasons – to be effective and efficient,” Ali said in the concluding remarks of the three-day 20th Annual Regional Audit Conference held at Dubai World Trade Centre.

“With robotisation, we need to ensure the control mechanism around our environment is assured by our profession. One difference between us and robots is soul, passion and feelings that will never be replaced by robots. They will not take over our jobs. There are certain (jobs) will not be taken by a robot,” he added.

Ali added that Covid-19 was a blessing for the auditing profession because it was the biggest enabler for the industry to digitize.

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