UAE Visitors Receive Martian Ink Upon Arrival

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 09 February 2021 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
UAE Visitors Receive Martian Ink Upon Arrival

Travellers entering the UAE will receive a Martian Ink stamp on their passports, in commemoration of the Hope Probe’s historic arrival to Mars this evening.

The stamp – produced by the UAE Government Media Office in collaboration with Dubai Airports reads “You’ve arrived in the Emirates. The Emirates is arriving at Mars on 09.02.2021.”

The limited-edition design is made from the world’s first ‘Martian Ink,’ extracted from volcanic basalt rocks in the UAE’s eastern Al Hajar Mountains and Sharjah’s Mleiha Desert the same ones that give Mars it’s distinct color.

The probe will provide the first complete picture of the Martian atmosphere.

Khaled Al Shehhi, Executive Director of Production and Digital Communication Sector, UAE Government Media Office, said “To commemorate this historic occasion and celebrate the mission’s incredible victory with the rest of the world, we have created a special stamp printed with ‘Martian Ink’ — made of basalt rocks found in the deserts of the UAE. This will be embossed on the passports of all the visitors to the UAE arriving at this time for a limited period.”

The Hope Probe’s historic journey to the Red Planet coincides with a year of celebrations to mark the UAE’s Golden Jubilee.
Image Souce: Instagram