What is Going to Happen to the Tree of Life After COP28?

  • Publish date: Thursday، 07 December 2023
What is Going to Happen to the Tree of Life After COP28?

The AI-powered art installation Tree of Life is located at the heart of the Energy Transition Hub at the Green Zone in Expo City Dubai

The Tree of Life represents the Ghaf tree, which is native to the UAE and is well-known for surviving in harsh conditions. 

The art installation symbolizes stability and peace, according to its creators. 

The Tree of Life as an Interactive Art Installation

The art installation has big display OLED screens, which have a thickness of 10mm so that visitors can see the branches of the other side of the tree.

The software to operate the tree is AI-powered to generate different kinds of images. 

The artwork on the screens surrounding the base of the tree encourages visitors to sign a pledge even after they are done with the discussions at COP28.

The Tree of Life showcases various significant themes of COP28 and invites visitors to pledge their commitment to sustainability through a symbiotic connection with the art installation. 

What Will Happen to the Tree of Life After COP28?

The art installation is made of a steel structure, which will be melted after the COP28

The cladding of the tree trunk is made of styrofoam, which will be deconstructed and converted to bean bags that will be given to charity.

Specific parts of the art installation will be reused in future immersive art installations.

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