UAE to Build the Country's First Net-Zero Mosque

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 05 December 2023
UAE to Build the Country's First Net-Zero Mosque

In a more serious move toward sustainable infrastructure, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, revealed plans to construct the UAE's first net-zero energy mosque. Mohamed Al Breiki, the executive director of sustainable development at Masdar City, announced this milestone during the COP28 conference. Set within Masdar City, renowned for its commitment to sustainability, the mosque aims to set a new standard for eco-conscious worship spaces while fostering community engagement.

UAE to Build the Country's First Net-Zero Mosque

A Symbol of Sustainability and Faith

This architectural marvel, scheduled to start construction next year, symbolizes a commitment to responsible stewardship of the environment. Spanning 2,349 square meters and accommodating 1,300 worshippers, the mosque pledges to generate all its required energy throughout the year. Utilizing 1,590 square meters of on-site PV panels, it aims to serve as more than a mere place of worship, envisioning a cultural, spiritual, and ecological journey for all.

UAE to Build the Country's First Net-Zero Mosque

Innovative Design for a Greener Future

The mosque's design harmonizes environmental preservation with cultural heritage and community integration. Employing passive design principles, it has reduced its energy needs by 35% compared to global standards. Crafted mostly from rammed earth, the structure ensures efficient insulation. Tiered windows on the roof will also be used, to provide natural light and a natural ventilation system, which minimizes reliance on air conditioning.

Holistic Sustainability Approach

With a comprehensive sustainability effort, Masdar City aims to divert 70% of construction waste from landfills, employ local and recycled materials, and reduce water consumption by 55%. The mosque exemplifies a holistic blend of environmental, social, and economic sustainability by pursuing international green certifications like Leed Platinum and Estidama 4-Pearl, alongside a Well Gold rating focusing on occupant well-being.

Trailblazing a Green Future

This mosque project joins a lineup of net-zero energy initiatives within Masdar City, showcasing a commitment to innovation and eco-friendly practices. With projects like NZ1, the UAE's first net-zero energy commercial building, and upcoming developments like Masdar City Square's HQ building and The Link's Co-Lab building, Masdar City continues to lead the charge towards a sustainable future.

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