Wanna Be A Millionaire? UAE Grand Prize Just Increased! Next Draw Soon

  • Publish date: Thursday، 09 December 2021
Wanna Be A Millionaire? UAE Grand Prize Just Increased! Next Draw Soon

Have you ever dreamt of being a millionaire? buying the house of your dreams, driving the best car, and maybe starting a business? 

Participate in the next Draw!

Will you be the lucky winner? One person and one only that can match all 7 Numbers from right to left will win the new grand prize on 11th Dec 2021:

  • 83 Million Dirhams! instead of 77,777,777 Dirhams last draw.

There are also a prize for  those who have less than 7 matching number, 28 lucky winners that will be chosen over the next 4 weeks.

More than 9 million dirham in cash prizes

Emirates has paid more than 9 Million Dirhams in cash for 7000 winners over the last time.

How to participate in the draw?

There are two ways to participate and choose your lucky number!

  • Purchase a Dh50 pencil at www.emiratesdraw.com
  • Purchase a coral polyp at www.emiratesdraw.com

Once you select your lucky 7 numbers no one can choose the same number that you did, it is only your special number, the chance of winning something like this is very very low, but this is why we call the winner lucky! 7 numbers if you guess them right, then your entire life might change.
Are you participating in the next draw? if you are and you win something tag as at #uaemoments or #7awi and give us a shoutout.

We wish all of you the best of luck!

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