We Are Stronger Together! Let’s Honor Refugees Around the World

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 15 June 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 20 June 2023
We Are Stronger Together! Let’s Honor Refugees Around the World

The suffering of asylum continues to affect more people around the world, and in light of this, the United Nations declared June 20 of each year as World Refugee Day in honor of refugees around the world for their courage and strength in the face of persecution and the conflicts which forced them to flee their homes in search of safe haven.

On this day, sympathy is mobilized for these refugees while the public is reminded of the right of refugees to seek protection, safety, and to live in dignity.

On World Refugee Day, the public is usually made aware of the rights of refugees which include non-refoulment, non-discrimination, and humane treatment in an effort to reduce the persecution they face in different countries.

The importance of observing World Refugee Day lies in providing many opportunities to support refugees through the various activities that take place, in which the refugees themselves, as well as government officials, host communities, companies, celebrities, school children, and the general public participate.

To be a part of this day, it is desirable to participate in any events that may be held in your country to honor the refugees and to share any information or stories you know that would contribute to the awareness and advancement of society with all its members, citizens and refugees.

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Cover Image: UNHCR website

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