The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Vancouver

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 08 November 2023 Last update: Thursday، 09 November 2023
The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Vancouver

Vancouver is known for its diverse culinary scene, and Middle Eastern restaurants have played a significant role in shaping its food culture. In this list, we'll explore some of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in the city, offering authentic dishes inspired by the region's rich culinary heritage. These eateries, whether Lebanese, Iranian, or from other Middle Eastern backgrounds, bring not only delicious food but also a touch of history and tradition to Vancouver's dining experience.

Here are eight of the best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Vancouver:

Chickpea Restaurant

Chickpea restaurant offers a delightful dining experience with delicious plant-based comfort food infused with a Mediterranean twist. The menu is a paradise for vegans and vegetarians, featuring generous portions of beautifully presented dishes. The staff, known for their pleasant and personable service, is more than happy to assist you in navigating the menu and sharing their top recommendations. The restaurant also boasts a nice ambiance, making it a wonderful choice for those seeking a tasty and welcoming plant-based meal. Whether you're a vegetarian or simply looking for a fantastic dining experience, Chickpea will surely hit the spot.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Vancouver

Location: 4298 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Popular Dish: Chickpea Fries, Latkes Benechick, Malawach, Avocado Toast

Price range: CA$20-40

Contact: +1 604 620 0602 – www.ilovechickpea.ca

Zarak by Afghan Kitchen

ZARAK by Afghan Kitchen offers a dining experience that's all about elevated Afghan dishes in a beautiful dining room setting. The restaurant specializes in share-style meals with brilliant flavors, where the quality of food, service, and ambiance consistently surpass expectations. Diners will appreciate the diverse menu, which includes options for vegetarians and those seeking gluten-free choices. The inventive food, generous portions, excellent service, and beautiful ambiance make ZARAK a standout dining destination for all.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Vancouver

Location: 2102 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Popular Dish: Mantu Dumplings, Bolani, Chicken Waffle

Price range: CA$50-100+

Contact: +1 604 318 3456 – www.zarakvancouver.com


At Manoush'eh, their mission is simple: to introduce Manoush'eh, the national pie in Levantine cuisine, to North Americans. Customers have found this place to be absolutely amazing, offering great-tasting food with a level of quality that anyone can appreciate. The kanafah, in particular, stands out, tasting just like the ones enjoyed in the Middle East. Alongside fantastic service, Manoush'eh serves up really delicious food that's everything one could desire – light, flavorful, yet grounding.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Vancouver

Location: 620 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC

Popular Dish: Zaatar with Jebneh, Baked Falafel Flat Bread

Price range: CA$20-30

Contact: +1 604 440 4402 – www.manousheh.ca

Tamam: Fine Palestinian Cuisine

This restaurant offers a terrific dining experience with professional and warm service in a wonderful ambiance. The quality of the food is outstanding, with fresh ingredients and flavorful dishes. The meats are cooked to tender and juicy perfection. The attentive and friendly service enhances the overall experience, and the food is served quickly and at great prices, considering the quality and quantity. While they don't take reservations for parties of fewer than four, the wait, although necessary, proves to be worthwhile for the excellent dining experience.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Vancouver

Location: 2616 E Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

Popular Dish: Falafel Platter, Mutabbal, Kibbeh

Price range: CA$30-40

Contact: +1 604 620 7078 – www.tamam.ca

Zamzam Grill

At Zamzam Grill, diners can expect an authentic Middle Eastern experience with a focus on fresh and honest cuisine featuring local ingredients and oriental flavors. This family-run shop takes pride in always using fresh ingredients and quality spices to create delicious dishes filled with aromatic depth. With a wide range of options and a variety of complementary sauces, there's something for every palate. The falafels, in particular, stand out as they are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and taste like they were made in-house. The excellent and super-friendly service, along with the clean and tidy ambiance, adds to the overall dining satisfaction at Zamzam Grill.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Vancouver

Location: 2128 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC

Popular Dish: Loaded Chicken Shawarma, Falafel Wrap

Price range: CA$40-50

Contact: +1 778 452 0241 – www.zamzamgrill.ca

Moltaqa Moroccan Restaurant

Moltaqa is an Arabic word that translates to a place where people come together to enjoy a holistic dining experience. They offer healthy and flavorful halal Moroccan cuisine, enriched with aromatic spices. The menu includes vegan and gluten-free options. Guests can complement their meals with a selection of BC and international wines, draft beers, and cocktails. Refreshing choices like freshly squeezed juices, Moroccan Tea, Turkish coffee, and homemade lemonade are also available. The restaurant provides an opportunity to savor the flavors of Morocco while immersing in the ambiance and music that transport diners to a vacation-like setting.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Vancouver

Location: 1002 Mainland St Vancouver, BC

Popular Dish: Couscous, Chicken Pastilla Halal, Lamb Tagine

Price range: CA$40-50

Contact: +1 604 841 1182 – www.moltaqarestaurant.ca

East is East

At East is East, diners can expect a spectacular culinary experience with top-notch service. The menu features dishes that truly hit the spot, and the live music, performed at a pleasant, lower volume, enhances the restaurant's ambiance. The beautifully and intentionally designed space adds to the dining experience, making it a stunning and unique spot for a memorable meal. Additionally, the $3 musician patronage charge per person, included in the bill, contributes to the overall atmosphere, making East is East a must-visit for those looking for both exceptional food and a captivating dining setting.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Vancouver

Location: 4433 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Popular Dish: Chicken Masala, Chai Feast, Double Roti Roll of Mango Chicken

Price range: CA$40-50

Contact: +1 604 734 5881 – www.eastiseast.ca

Afghan Horsemen Restaurant

The Afghan Horsemen Restaurant holds the title of being the first Afghan restaurant in Canada, proudly serving gourmet Afghan cuisine to Vancouver and the surrounding Lower Mainland for over 47 years. Afghan cuisine is celebrated for its succulent kebabs and a wide range of vegetarian dishes. They offer authentic options for everyone, from meat lovers to vegetarians and vegans. While the decor may lean towards the extravagant, it's intended to appeal to those less familiar with Afghan culture. As an added attraction, the restaurant features an amazing belly dancer who gracefully moves throughout the entire dining area, adding to the overall experience.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Vancouver

Location: 1833 Anderson Street, Suite 202, Vancouver, BC

Popular Dish: Kebab Platter Delight, Lamb Shoulder Chop, Rice Pudding

Price range: CA$20-50

Contact: +1 604 873 5923 – www.afghanhorsemen.com

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