The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Pennsylvania

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 07 November 2023 Last update: Wednesday، 08 November 2023
The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, a state known for its historical significance and cultural diversity, is also home to an array of Middle Eastern restaurants. These restaurants play a vital role in bringing the authentic flavors and traditions of the Middle East to the residents and visitors of the state. In this list, we'll introduce you to some of Pennsylvania's top Middle Eastern restaurants, where you can board on a journey through genuine and time-honored Middle Eastern dishes.

Here are six of the best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Pennsylvania:

Cilantro Mediterranean Cuisine

Cilantro is a strongly recommended restaurant that serves authentic and very tasty Mediterranean food. Customers praise dishes like the cilantro platter, Mosakaa, and Hawawshi for their excellent taste. Portion sizes are generous, and the service is friendly, creating a really great dining experience. Many consider Cilantro to offer some of the best Mediterranean food they've ever eaten.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Pennsylvania

Location: 613 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Popular Dish: Mix Grill, Falafel Platter, Koshary

Price range: $20-30

Contact: +1 267 761 9609 – www.cilantromediterranean cuisine.com

Alyan’s Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Restaurant

At Alyan's Restaurant, guests can savor the flavors of Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. The skilled cooks serve up delicious dishes like hummus, lamb kebabs, and chicken shawarma. Save room for their perfectly cooked baklava, yogurt, and creamy hummus. And don't forget to complement your meal with a cup of delicious coffee, lemonade, or iced tea.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Pennsylvania

The restaurant's cozy atmosphere ensures a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. The hospitable staff goes above and beyond to make guests feel welcome. Alyan's Restaurant is known for its excellent service and affordable, tasty meals. The inviting homey decor adds to the overall dining experience.

Location: 603 S 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Popular Dish: Alyan’s Fries, Falafel and Hummus, Spinach Pie

Price range: $10-20

Contact: +1 215 922 3553

Sahara Grill

Sahara Grill brings a taste of the diverse Mediterranean regions to your plate. This region's cuisine varies greatly within a short distance, shaped by centuries of culinary evolution and cultural influences. The restaurant's mission is to blend traditional Mediterranean flavors with a modern twist, offering a dining experience reminiscent of home.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Pennsylvania

Location: 1334 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Popular Dish: Kafta Kabob Entrée, Greek Salad

Price range: $20-30

Contact: +1 215 985 4155 – www.saharagrillphiladelpia.com


Aladdin Restaurant, a family-owned and operated establishment, has been delighting the Lehigh Valley with the finest Middle Eastern cuisine since 1981. With over 34 years in the business, it's no wonder they're a local favorite. Owner and head chef, Violette Younes, is dedicated to using only the freshest ingredients, ensuring the quality and consistency their customers have come to love.

Aladdin takes pride in preparing the freshest shish kabobs and handrolling each grape leaf with care. Their hummus and babaganouj are freshly made daily, and they use their homemade dough for spinach and meat pies. Each dish is crafted with a passion for authentic Middle Eastern flavors.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Pennsylvania

Location: 651 Union Boulevard Allentown, PA 18109

Popular Dish: Kabob Combination, Stuffed Grape Leaves

Price range: $30-50

Contact: +1 610 437 4023 – www.aladdinlv.com

Fattoush Mediterranean Cuisine

At Fattoush, dining is like savoring a delicious homemade meal prepared by a close relative from afar, skilled in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant's light and airy ambiance, coupled with a pleasing color palette, create a welcoming space for diners seeking an immediate fix of these delectable flavors.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Pennsylvania

Location: 82 Lancaster Avenue, Malvern, PA 9355

Popular Dish: Fattoush Salad, Falafel Wrap, Lamb Platter

Price range: $20-30

Contact: +1 484 568 4465 – www.fattoushhealthydining.com

Damas Mediterranean Grill

Damas Grill is your destination for an exceptional Mediterranean culinary experience. They take pride in well-seasoned dishes and spot-on customer service. Whether it's a solo lunch, dinner, or a larger gathering, Damas accommodates your needs, even with short notice. The friendly and helpful staff ensure a memorable dining experience, leaving you and your guests delighted with the delicious food they serve.

The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Pennsylvania

Location: 260 N Pottstown Pike, Exton, PA 19341

Popular Dish: Fresh Hummus with Pita Bread

Price range: $10-20

Contact: +1 484 873 3835 – www.damasgrill.com

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