K-Pop Band 'Stray Kids' Chosen As Ambassadors for Korean Pavillion

  • Publish date: Monday، 12 July 2021
K-Pop Band 'Stray Kids' Chosen As Ambassadors for Korean Pavillion

Stray Kids, a K-Pop band with 34 million followers on social media, has been appointed ambassadors for the Korean pavilion.

Moon Byung-Jun, Consul-General of the Republic of Korea said “We are bringing popular K-Pop stars to Dubai and there will be weekly performances. Some of the bands, like Stray Kids, have millions of followers in the region, and they will perform at the Expo,”

“Dubai is renowned for its world’s first, biggest and tallest attractions and achievements. And we have many things in common. Both Korea and Dubai don’t have many natural resources. But in the last two decades, our countries have witnessed huge development. Both of us have overcome many difficulties using our creativity, innovation and technological prowess,” said Moon.

“We have strong bilateral relations, especially with our involvement in building the Barakah Nuclear power plant. The Expo will help expand on these ties.”


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Hoon has used 1,590 rotating cubes, which are digital and analogue, to create continuously moving images on the exterior of the pavilion. “The cubes react and move according to a software programme. So, it can be a face, an image, a text. Visitors do not need to enter the pavilion to experience it. The exterior is like an art installation itself,” Hoon told Khaleej Times in a previous interview.

There will be daily shows and performances where visitors can soak in Korean, art, and music, the diplomat said, adding that thousands of Koreans are eager to visit Dubai during the Expo.


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