Three More Cases of Monkeypox in the UAE, More Details

  • Publish date: Monday، 30 May 2022
Three More Cases of Monkeypox in the UAE, More Details

(WAM) The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP) has announced three new cases of Monkeypox, in line with the UAE health authorities' policy on the early detection and monitoring of the disease.

"Monkeypox is a viral disease, but usually a self-limited one, if compared to Covid-19. It's mostly transmitted to humans through close contact with an infected person or animal, including bodily fluids, and respiratory droplets, or with material contaminated with the virus. It can also be passed to the baby in the womb," the Ministry said in a statement.

MoHaP urged all community members to follow appropriate preventive measures and careful precautions while travelling and to stay safer in large crowds and avoid risky behaviours.

"All health authorities in the country are committed to a unified national medical guide for dealing with Monkeypox-infected people and their contacts. This includes complete isolation of the infected in hospitals until they recover, while quarantining their close contacts for a period of no less than 21 days at home and monitoring their health condition, and enforcing their compliance with home isolation."

The Ministry called for obtaining information from official sources in the UAE, and for refraining from spreading rumours and false information, highlighting the importance of staying updated on relevant developments and guidelines issued by the UAE health authorities.

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