​​​​​​​Ard Dyar by Rami Al Ali

  • Publish date: Friday، 08 September 2023 Last update: Thursday، 12 October 2023
​​​​​​​Ard Dyar by Rami Al Ali

Dubai, September 7th, 2023: Rami Al Ali announces the launch of Ard Dyar’s online platform, marking a transformative chapter in the initiative’s journey to nurture and empower Syrian talent in the region. This digital development symbolizes a significant step forward in Ard Dyar's unwavering commitment to creating a dynamic and accessible ecosystem dedicated to advancing Syrian talent and building a vibrant community.

​​​​​​​Ard Dyar by Rami Al Ali

Ard Dyar, a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) in the USA, solidifies its status as it serves as the central hub for the initiative. This digital platform will offer a rich array of resources, opportunities, and connections to empower Syrian talent on their path to success. With its intuitive and engaging user interface, the website promises visitors an immersive experience that embodies the spirit of Ard Dyar—a community dedicated to celebrating and nurturing emerging talents.

This initiative continues Rami Al Ali's long history of supporting the Syrian community and championing access to experiences that enable imagination and creativity to bloom. By introducing key industry leaders to the ever-growing talented Syrians, Ard Dyar aims to nurture their curiosity and ignite their dreams to become the innovators, creators, and leaders of the future.

The digital platform enhances the Ard Dyar experience by providing essential features. These include an introduction to the Concept, an exclusive Webinar Series, a vibrant Community Hub, and a spotlight on Board Members: Bassem Terkawi, Fares Akkad, Hala Khayat, Hawazen Esber, Lina Attar, Mohamad Kaswani, Sarhad Haffar, and Tarek Al Jundi. Additionally, there is a practical section for Resources and Opportunities, as well as readily accessible Contact and Support information.

"We are thrilled to unveil the new Ard Dyar website, which will serve as a dynamic platform for our community to connect, collaborate, and learn," comments Rami Al Ali. "This digital space embodies our dedication to supporting Syrian talent and creating a global network of individuals who share our passion for nurturing creativity."

In honour of this latest chapter in Ard Dyar's journey, Al Ali recently held an exclusive online lecture: The difference between mentoring, advising, consulting on one side and making your own decision on the other side, alongside expert speaker Bassem Terkawi. This remarkable gathering signifies the inception of a captivating series of lectures and webinars, meticulously crafted to ignite inspiration and uphold empowerment among Syrian talent.

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