25 Dead, 51 Hospitalized in Fire in Northern China

  • Publish date: Thursday، 16 November 2023
25 Dead, 51 Hospitalized in Fire in Northern China

A tragic fire engulfed a four-floor building owned by the Yongju Coal Company in Luliang City, Shanxi Province, resulting in a devastating loss of 25 lives and leaving numerous individuals hospitalized. The fire, which started at around 6:50 AM on Thursday, enveloped the building, prompting a quick response from emergency services.

Fire at Chinese coal firm

State media reported the loss of 25 lives and the hospitalization of 51 individuals, although it did not specify whether there were further casualties among those taken to hospitals. Rescue efforts remain ongoing, with authorities intensively investigating the cause of the fire.

25 dead, 51 hospitalised in China building fire

Video footage circulating on social media displayed the intense flames and thick smoke coming from the building, capturing the severity of the incident. Emergency responders, equipped with protective gear, quickly arrived at the scene to cease the fire, eventually managing to bring it under control.

This tragedy joins a string of industrial accidents in China, highlighting concerns over safety standards and enforcement across workplaces in the country. Prior incidents, including an explosion at a barbecue restaurant claiming 31 lives and a hospital fire resulting in 29 fatalities, have prompted nationwide efforts to strengthen workplace safety measures.

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