Rakhi Sawant to Undergo Surgery for Uterine Tumor

  • Publish date: Friday، 17 May 2024
Rakhi Sawant to Undergo Surgery for Uterine Tumor

Fans were taken aback when photos of Rakhi Sawant in a hospital circulated on social media. Known for her controversial public presence, Rakhi is currently dealing with a serious health issue. Her ex-husband, Ritesh Singh, has informed the public that Rakhi has a 10 cm tumor in her uterus and will undergo surgery.

Rakhi Sawant to Undergo Surgery for Uterine Tumor

Official Statement

Rakhi has addressed the media, saying, "I will be fine very soon. I have a 10 cm tumor and will be undergoing surgery on Saturday. I can't speak much about my health, but Ritesh will keep everyone updated."

She further mentioned, "Doctors are excellent here and are doing their job perfectly. I have never given up in life and have faced many obstacles since childhood. Ritesh rushed me to the hospital, and after all the tests, the tumor was discovered. I know I'll be back to entertain everyone."

Medical Details and Concerns

Ritesh Singh spoke to the media on May 16, revealing that Rakhi was initially hospitalized due to severe chest and stomach pains. Following a series of tests, doctors discovered the tumor. While there are concerns that the tumor might be cancerous, further tests are required to confirm this. Ritesh has asked everyone to pray for Rakhi's swift recovery.

Rakhi Sawant to Undergo Surgery for Uterine Tumor

Controversies and Legal Issues

In addition to her health problems, reports surfaced that Rakhi Sawant faces legal issues. She has been booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code for defamation and criminal intent, as well as under the Information Technology Act for electronically disseminating sexually explicit material.

Adil, another of Rakhi's exes, has voiced skepticism about her health claims, suggesting she might be trying to avoid legal consequences. "There are no medical reports. Doctors haven’t confirmed anything. We don’t know which hospital she is in. This could be a drama to escape going to jail," he stated.

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