Abu Dhabi Public Health Launches “SEHHI” Program

  • Publish date: Saturday، 20 August 2022
Abu Dhabi Public Health Launches “SEHHI” Program

Today, August 20, the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center launched the "SEHHI" program, formerly known as "WEQAYA", to raise awareness of healthy food components, enhance nutritious food options, and empower the surrounding environment that provides healthy food options in all parts of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The "SEHHI" program seeks to encourage community members to make healthy food choices, improve eating habits, and help the consumer make correct healthy decisions when buying food through the "SEHHI" slogan, which contributes to providing nutritional knowledge as widely as possible in the community.

Three sub-programs were identified: "SEHHI on Healthy Menus", "SEHHI for Displaying Calories on Menus" and "SEHHI for Healthy Groceries and Supermarkets".

The launch of the "SEHHI" program comes at a time when the spread of diseases related to obesity, unhealthy eating habits, and inactive lifestyles is expanding globally and locally. Thus, educating and encouraging community members to make balanced and healthy nutritional decisions is essential to promoting community health.

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