Alchimie, A Luxury Homegrown Brand Launches its Debut Line of Scented

Candles, Home Fragrances and Soaps

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 09 March 2021
Alchimie, A Luxury Homegrown Brand Launches its Debut Line of Scented
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Alchimie, A Luxury Homegrown Brand Launches its Debut Line of Scented Candles, Home Fragrances and Soaps

Embark on a sensorial journey this Eid Al Fitr

Alchimie, A Luxury Homegrown Brand Launches its Debut Line of Scented

Dubai, UAE, March 2021 – Alchimie, a luxury homegrown UAE-based scented candle, home fragrances and soap brand is all set to bring their elegant offerings to your home with the launch of their debut collection, just in time for Eid Al Fitr.

Founded by Emirati businessman Ali Al Hashemi and a talented team of alchemists, Alchimie was conceptualized based on Ali’s love and admiration for perfumes and the intricacy that goes into the art of perfume making. Realizing that there was a gap in the home fragrances market, Alchimie was then born. Drawing its main inspiration from the art of alchemy and the original alchemists, the honeybee – Alchimie offers a carefully curated product line the same way that perfumes care for your body. Alchimie’s line of luxury scented candles, home diffusers, sprays and soaps, are all natural, environmentally friendly and perfectly engineered to enrich the homes they inhabit.

Each product is thoughtfully planned from the design to colours and scents, keeping in mind that the brand wishes to add a timeless touch to your home, no matter the interior design. Offering four signature scents that can be found across the product line, Alchimie is home to L’abeille Fumée, an Oud-based scent with notes of patchouli and cedar packaged in a beautiful art deco, circular pattern that emphasizes the contemporary character of your interiors, L’abeille Ombrée, an amber oud-infused scent available in sophisticated rose gold packaging, L’abeille Sucrée, a sweet-scented floral infusion available in an art deco-esque geometrical design reflecting the lines of the honeybee and last but not the least, L’abeille Epicée, a heady, musky-scent of black agarwood and mandarin orange that’s packaged in navy blue, emphasizing its royal, luxurious appeal.

In addition to high-end home fragrances, Alchimie is also home to a range of luxury candles with the largest size being 10kg that doubles as centerpieces with their immense size and ability to burn for 800 hours. What’s more is that each candle is made of long-lasting soya wax and come with, highest quality - Egyptian cotton wicks ensuring you have the best quality without comprising on the environment.

Lastly, Alchimie’s soaps are a premium range of triple-milled handcrafted soaps that leaves the skin clean, moisturized and fresh. Suitable for the whole family, each soap is made of all-natural products, high quality plant and botanical oils. What’s more is that the soap lather offers a luxurious cleansing experience that hydrates and nourishes the body. The soaps are long-lasting, paraben-free, sustainably manufactured and environmentally friendly.

“Alchimie has been a long dream of mine and we are all very thrilled to launch our maiden collection just in time for Eid Al Fitr. We hope to inspire our buyers with Alchimie’s thoughtfully crafted and sourced products that will serve as perfect gifts for your friends, family and loved ones during this time. We have not compromised on quality and wish to enrich the spaces we inhabit with Alchimie’s sensorial journey. The main mission of the Alchimie brand is to make the UAE synonymous with luxury and our line of home fragrances, candles and soap are the start,” says Ali Al Hashemi, founder of Alchimie.

You can purchase Alchimie products online at, with the option of shipping to all GCC countries and worldwide.

Find out more about the Alchimie experience at

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Notes to Editor

About Alchimie:

Launched in 2021, Alchimie is a luxury, homegrown UAE-based scented candle, home fragrances and soap brand. Inspired by the maestro of alchemy – the bees who have been collecting sweet smells since the beginning of time, Alchimie fills your space with the evocative scents of their diffusers, fragrances and luxury soaps, all crafted from the highest quality ingredients.

With unique packaging that exudes class, style and elegance, Alchimie is the must-have brand for every season. Alchimie is imagination brought to reality – it is the quintessence of style and indulgence, innovation and finesse.

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