Google Pays Tribute to Algeria Artist Mohammed Racim

  • Publish date: Thursday، 24 June 2021
Google Pays Tribute to Algeria Artist Mohammed Racim

Google celebrated the Algerian artist Mohammed Racim in one of its signature Doodles. The doodle was launched today Thursday, to celebrate what would have been his 125th birthday on June 24.

The Doodle can be viewed in Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman and, of course, Algeria.

Google has created a doodle to celebrate the life of Algerian artist Mohammed Racim Thursday, marking 125 years since his birth on June 24.

Racim’s first exposure to art was a stint working in a colonial drawing office when he was 14, where he copied the designs of carpets, Arab embroideries, copper ornaments, and wood sculptures.

He developed his own personal hybrid form of expression through miniatures – combining traditional materials, classical arabesque and calligraphic styles - but used them to frame figurative inserts that had modern features.

By 1930, Racim's vibrant miniatures were making the rounds, elevating him to a major figure in Algerian culture.

Racim reinvigorated Maghrebi cultural customs while redefining the global perspective of the Arab world through art. Racim’s personal collection is displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Algiers.

He founded with his brother, Omar the Algerian School for Miniature Painting which remains open.

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