All About Abu Dhabi Cycling Permits

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 24 August 2021
All About Abu Dhabi Cycling Permits

Abu Dhabi Police has launched an electronic road permit service for amateur long-distance cyclistsPermits are provided to groups who long-distance practice cycling that requires travel on roads with speeds exceeding 80 km/hr at the times they want to exercise.

How to apply?

Head to the Abu Dhabi Police website within a period of no less than 48 hours from the date of requiring the permit and apply.

Requests will be evaluated by the Traffic and Patrols Directorate in terms of the permit's time and track to be cycled on.

A set of requirements are needed to acquire a permit such as:

- wearing a helmet,

- placing front and rear lights on the bike,

- providing an escort vehicle to protect the group of riders,

- equipping the vehicle with hazard lights

-- adhering to safety requirements, such as ensuring bicycles are in the places designated for them without impacting or obstructing of traffic.

The use of bicycles includes three types:

- For transportation within cities: These are bicycles that mostly run on sidewalks and at low speeds.

- For entertainment: These are usually used in tourist areas, public parks or residential neighbourhoods. The speed of the bicycle does not exceed 20 km/hr. Bicycle lanes within the city are dedicated to this

- For sports: This category has been witnessing an increase in engagement recently. Those practising this form of exercise usually travel distances of at least 50km and at high speeds that sometimes reach 60 km/hr, which may pose risks on other bicycle lanes' users. Such groups cycle on main roads.