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Argentine Newspapers Attack Players After Being Defeated by KSA

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 23 November 2022
Argentine Newspapers Attack Players After Being Defeated by KSA
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Argentine newspapers expressed a general feeling of shock in the country after the 2-1 defeat by Saudi Arabia, in one of the biggest surprises of the FIFA World Cup in history.

Clarin newspaper described the defeat as a "painful blow" at the beginning of the campaign, although it is a strong candidate to win the title in the last participation of captain Lionel Messi in the finals, and added in another headline, "Argentina falls in the first show in Qatar."

The newspaper (Lanación) said in its headlines "A resounding fall", "Argentina turned into a ghost", and "Dead", referring to Messi's statement after the match: We are dead, we did not expect this start, it is a strong blow and there are no excuses.

The Argentine media encouraged the national team to recover quickly, especially after Poland and Mexico drew without goals in the other confrontation in the group.